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As of November 7, 2015 The Dream Store will be closed until further notice.
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The jazz, blues, rock, ballet CD 12...

The CD is available on line through CD Baby.  Click here to order this amazing CD.  To learn more
about the music on this collector's item
click here.  The musician on this CD was jazz legend Alan
Haven.  Alan passed away on January 7, 2016.  This is his last recordings...

Right now MP3's are the only way to obtain this recording.  
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Former BBC broadcaster Alan Ashton did a podcast about Alan and another musician Brian Sharp,
both of these artists passed away in January.  If you'd like to listen to the podcast
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Never Alone...

September.  A month that holds new beginnings and life for me.  On the 3rd, I’ll celebrate one year
of wedded bliss, in my new home – England.  On the 4th, I’ll give thanks as I will celebrate 22 years
of continued sobriety and on the 15th I’ll celebrate the gift of life as it will be two years since I had
open heart surgery.  After reading what I just wrote, I sit here shaking my head in disbelief and in
awe.  I have been blessed with an amazing sobriety.  It hasn’t always been perfect or picturesque
but where I am today  I realize that nothing would have happened without the “hiccups” along the
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The challenges of finding a job...

Finding employment in England is a challenge.  Not impossible, yet very much a challenge.  A
challenge because it is so different.  The beginning of the process is done on the computer.  The
application is filled out on-line and your CV is uploaded.  If they like you, you'll get to do the second
part of the application which is kind of part aptitude test and part psychological exam.  Then if you
pass that part, you'll be invited to a face to face interview.  
This is the idea behind this poem...
Purple Power is here...

The CD that was created as a fund-raiser for cancer research is still
available.  Now available from
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has a very limited supply of the original CD.

Hopefully by the end of March
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Life and death of September...

Everything that has happened to me in September symbolises life and death.  A part of me
died, so a new part could come to life.  The closest this symbol came to reality was on the 15th
in 2014.  That day, I laid on a hospital bed and was under the knife for over four hours.  After
the surgery, as I was coming out of a deep sleep from anaesthesia, I could hear the nurses
talking and asking me if I could move my feet.  As hard as I tried I couldn’t move.  I couldn’t
even open my eyes to tell them that I understood what they were asking.  
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A Classic... Finding a new life...

This past holiday I had an Epiphany that actually started in a hospital bed in early November
of 2014.  I was told by my girlfriend that I was “different.”  It was said in a loving way.  In fact,
she made the comment before saying I was different with “Please don’t take this the wrong
way.”  I didn’t take it the wrong way.  I was so happy to hear that.  She said that I seemed to be
at peace and stress free.  
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Veterans Page...

The veterans page will no longer be updated, though everything that has
been posted on it, as well as what appears on
Dreaming With Dave, will
remain there and be archived.  And various writings on
Celebrating Life will
also remain in tact.
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The news from over a decade on the web.  From cancer events, to veteran affairs, to 12 Step
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