12 has been a dream of mine for many years.  As The Beatles sung With a little help from my friends this dream is now a reality.  12 is
a musical CD using 12 poems of mine on recovery.  So this album has a poet, a lifetime musician, a voice of an angel, and a creative
talent that changed words to lyrics and made poems music.

The rock band
The Who once sung, It's the singer, not the song, that makes the music move along.  What a wonderful way to explain
what this album is about.  I have been writing poems for over ten years and it has always been a dream of mine to have my poems
converted to song.

The Power of 12 is here!!! 12 Knights of the Roundtable... 12 days of Christmas... 12 Months... 12 Signs of the Zodiac... 12 Titans...
12 Olympians... 12 Tribes of Israel... 12 Apostles... and for those in recovery there are the 12 Steps and the 12 Promises.  And now
music for those Steps and Promises.

Introducing 12.  Music for recovery.
The 12 "dream team"

Alan Haven - every mix on this CD to every instrument played was done by Alan.  He
has been performing for over 50 years and the music flows because of him.  Just
listen and be amazed with his talent.  Early on I got to sit in the studio with Alan and
watch the ideas come to life and had the feeling that "12" was going to be a
masterpiece.  To learn more about Alan
click here to visit his website.
K.C. - wishes to remain anonymous for this project... yet everyone involved knew that
they needed to protect their work on "12." So K recognized that some anonymity had
to be sacrificed.  K was responsible for turning words into lyrics and many of the
melodies were K's creation.  I put my trust in K and took their advice on what path we
would go and for me it was the best decision I could have made.

HP Chylde - the angelic voice on
12 was recommended by both K and Alan.  Every
time I got a new song to approve, I was in shock with how easily HP could change
from one style to another and lose nothing from her voice.  I also loved the way she
The 12 Steps.  You can hear how Americans and English say words
differently... yet like recovery... we understand.
£6.00 each
plus shipping & handling
CD's are shrink wrapped in a jewel case
The Poems... er... I mean the songs...

The 12 Steps - Where else would an album start like this without The 12 Steps?  A wonderful bright melody starts it.  This was a
poem I wrote trying to simplify the steps as much as possible.  
Available as a MP3

Just For Today - Written for Step 10... a nice lovely ballad.  The song ends with a line that is not in the poem, "I'm Free."  I liked this
addition a lot because it is true Step 10 can set us free every day.  
 Available as a MP3

The Battles Lost... The War is Won - The first poem that came to life.  A poem that has touched many people in recovery because
of its message.  The alcoholic/addict after death will go to Heaven because they have already spent their time in Hell.  I have read
this poem at many different events and every time it is done I always wished there was a second person to read the last eight lines.  
12 made the dream a reality.  
 Available as a MP3

I'm Tired - By far my most known poem.  It has not only touched those in
recovery but people in every walk of life.  For my most known poem it was
only fitting that Alan Haven perform the song for what he is most known
for - the blues.  A powerful poem has become an even more powerful song.
The music video for this song is on the right.  
 Avaialble as a MP3
The CD - 12
£6.00 each
plus shipping and handling
Let's Get Honest - Time for some 12 Step work.  By the time I quit drinking my music taste had changed to more of a hard rock.  
Here is a song that you could clap along to... in fact some folks are clapping along and I also could dance to this.  A wonderful
 Available as a MP3

Can It Be Obtained? - Was written for the fourth promise which says We will comprehend the word serenity and we will know
peace.  I love the promises and I love this song.  There is no better way to express peace and serenity then a reggae song.  
Available as a MP3

Death Of Fame - Written for The 8th Promise which says, Self-seeking will slip away.  The first time I heard this all I could say was
WOW, with a wide open mouth.  As you listen to this CD you can hear how talented this duo of Alan Haven and HP Chylde are.  
This song though just blew me away with the pure beauty of HP's voice.  
 Available as a MP3

A Promise Of Peace - An 11th Step poem which I wrote about a burning bush experience of mine.  A nice mellow sax and the
calming voice of HP made the experience come alive again.  
 Available as a MP3

I Surrender... I Quit - A Step 3 poem that uses, to me, one of the most spiritual instruments in music - the flute.  I like the flute so
much because it reminds me of Native American music.  
 Available as a MP3

You Stole - A short reggae song that says it all.  Alcohol took from me and kept taking until I had nothing left to give.   Available as
a MP3

Another 24 Hours - The reality is at the end of the day I have another 24 hours of sobriety and I'll lay my head down and pray for
another day of sobriety tomorrow.  A very symbolic way to end this CD.  Full of gratitude for the song writing of K and Alan and the
powerful singing of HP.  And looking forward for tomorrow and the adventures it will hold.  
 Available as a MP3
The CD - 12
£6.00 each
plus shipping & handling
Now available
for downloads

Sold as singles
or the whole CD
click here
Now available for downloads
Sold as singles or the whole CD
click here
Now available for downloads
Sold as singles or the whole CD
click here
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with the CD 12

Making A List - Written for Step 8.  I mentioned my love for The Beatles... well K and A
quenched my thirst with this song.  It has everything you would have heard in the pop rock
time of the late 60s and early 70s.  A tag line repeated often through the song as well as
background singers.  The music video for this song is on the left.  
 Available as a MP3
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