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Creating Dreams...
It's here...

After battles with the publisher over who owns what, Damaged Merchandise, War Zone, and Creating Dreams will be returning
to print.  Second editions of all three books will be published soon through Kindle and Amazon Prime.

Until then, why not enjoy hybrids of these books?  Partial reprints from the original but not entirely updated to where the
second editions will be.  These audio books, will be unique "one of a kinds" - joining the past with the future.
Damaged Merchandise...

It is only fitting that the first book of the original trilogy should also be
the first book turned to audio.

Read by Dave Harm, with background music composed and performed
by Harm, the audience looks back at a time in sobriety where things
were coming together.

Not all poems or stories from the first edition have made it into the audio
version, simply because they were more of a personal side of Harm,
which is no longer part of his life.

Yet, the poems and stories that have made him famous, from addiction,
to abuse, and his heart felt words on cancer are all here ready to be

Unlike most audio books, this book can be purchased as a whole book
or just the chapters that you are interested in.

All proceeds from this audio book, will go to finalizing work on the
second edition of
Damaged Merchandise, both as an e-book and a

Click here to order your audio book or to acquire the chapters that
interest you...
War Zone audio book
Damaged Mewrchandise Audio Book

If you are interested in a certain
chapter or two, you can purchase just
those chapters.

The video gives a brief idea on three
of the chapters and what the book is

The book is a lot more than the
musings of an alcoholic.  It's about life
and growing up in an ever changing

Click here to order yours today...  
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