As of November 2011, Damaged Merchandise; Poems and Stories of an Alcoholic Addict was no longer in production.  There are
plans to republish it in the near future under the name
Damaged Merchandise; Musings From an Alcoholic Mind.

By the end of February 2012, War Zone, Backing Out of Hell was also no longer in production and will also hopefully be republished
in the near future, with the new name
Battle in My Mind.

I will be self-publishing these book, so it can be purchased at a far more competitive price then my former publisher was selling it.

Look for their releases in the near future...
Damaged Merchandise
Damaged Merchandise...

The first book in this trilogy, it was published during my tenth year of sobriety.   Damaged
is a book about hope and dreams. Even those lost in an alcoholic or drug
induce haze, have dreams. They were just lost or "damaged" due to the abuse. With
sobriety, came the knowledge that I needed to live in the real world. Still, with reality it was
OK to dream. And with reality, I achieved goals, which I hoped would make my dreams...

For a free preview, more information, and places to order  click here.

Early in 2017, this book became available as an audio book.  Click here to learn more.
War Zone
War Zone...

The second book of this trilogy, it is the prequel to Damaged Merchandise.

War Zone
is the prequel to Damaged Merchandise.  It takes place 10 years before the poetry came
alive. It is the story of my first two years of sobriety and the demons I battled, not only those within
myself, but with those around me...  

For a free preview, more information, and places to order  click here
Creating Dreams...

The third and final book of this trilogy, it is the prequel to War Zone.

There was one more chapter that had to be told.  It took three long painful years to go back in time and
relive the nightmares of a childhood best forgotten.  At times, Dave Harm wondered if it was worth it.  50
years old and scared to go to sleep because of the memories he had awakened from his childhood...  

For a free preview, more information, and places to order  click here
autographed books
Personalized autographed books are now available through this website

All three books can now be purchased through paypal and will arrive to you through USPS -
autographed.  All books are brand new and can be personalized with your own message.

Look for the
paypal button next to the "autographed" photo shown to the left.  In the special
instructions box, write out the message you would like.

Since this is ordered directly from
Creating Dreams, the prices are quite a bit lower because we
aren't dealing with any stores.
Perfect Pitch
Creating Dreams...
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