Cancer Prayer
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Relay For Life
School district uses Day One

The poem Day One, which has been shown on the cover of two publications and is included in the book, Damaged Merchandise,
has once again found a new life.

A school district in Georgia is creating a book of poems for their annual
Relay For Life.  Day One was one of the poems selected
for this book.
Los Alamitos/Seal Beach in  California creates unique gift

The 2008 Los Alamitos/Seal Beach Relay For Life event in California will be giving a unique gift to all its survivors.  It will be a
picture postcard.  When opened it will show a picture of the survivor walking their lap and on the other side will be the poem
Relay For Survivors.
Washington County in Kansas holds Survivor Social

On April, 19, 2008, Washington County held its Survivor Social.  I was the featured speaker at this event.  Shared some stories
about my involvement in the Relay and
Purple Power.  I also read two poems from that CD - Our Heroes and Relay For
Click here to read these poems.
Victorville, California uses Relay For Survivors for luminaries...

A Relay team in Victorville, California will be using the poem Relay For Survivors to decorate their luminaries for their 2008 Relay
For Life event.

This poem continues to be one of the most popular poems used at Relay events.  And is part of the
Purple Power CD.
breast cancer
The poem Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back... written for the 2008 Relay For Life

I wrote the poem below for the 2008 Relay For Life events in our area.  And I personally had the privilege of reading it at the
Gage County and Jefferson County, Nebraska, relay events.

A Stage IV ovarian cancer survivor was the honored speaker in Denison, Texas, for their 2008 Relay For Life event and she read
the poem  
Celebrate, Remember, and Fight Back.

Also Iroquois County in Illinois used the poem in their program booklet given to all the participants for their Relay.
Cutting hair and raising money

In 2003, I held a fund raiser by promising to cut my 14" pony-tail in the fight against cancer.  For every $100 raised, I would have
an inch cut off.  In total over $1,500 was raised in the fight against cancer.  The story made the newspapers under the title

Symbolic Support
 and my poem Day One became my "calling card."  The hair that was cut, was than donated to Locks of Love.
Dreams of cancer poetry turned to music

One continuing dream of mine is turning 10-12 of my
poems about cancer into music.  The first song for this
project is
A Thousand Times.  The band Moes Haven
turned my words into music and than I created this video
as a Mother's Day gift for my ex-wife.

This was a dream of mine for many years, turning poems
into music.  This dream has helped created two musical

One of which is
Purple Power which was specifically
created for survivors and their families....
The McCook Gazette Tabloid - HOPE

On August 4-5, 2006 Red Willow County had its
annual Relay For Life event.  Every year they publish
a tabloid to celebrate their survivors and remember
those who lost their courageous fight.  Also in this
publication is a featured poet and poem.  I was
honored to be the featured poet, along with my poem
Day One.
More news from Mom's Pit Crew

The following mini-bio about myself appears on Laura Yaklin's website - Mom's Pit Crew.  "Dave Harm is a published author from
Nebraska.  His poetry and articles bring to life the reality of some of life's greatest struggles.  His work is a true witness that with
hope and courage we can all be survivors.  His wife, Betty, is a 7 year survivor of breast cancer.  He was kind enough to allow us
to use this poem in our upcoming cookbook "Cooking For A Cure".  He is also going to put a link to our Team Page at the ACS
Relay For Life site in his website. Thanks Dave!  You're the best!"

The poem they have chosen to use is
Relay For Survivors It has been one of my most read poems at various American Cancer
Society events.  In 2005 this poem was read across the United States and parts of Canada.  It will now be shown in a fund-raising
cook book for Clio, Michigan's annual
Relay For Life event.  To learn more about this publication, please visit Mom's Pit Crew.  
Buy a book or make a donation.  If not there, make one to your local
Relay For Life event.  And if you've never been to one of
these events - please do so, it is truly a spiritual experience.

This is a poem that just doesn't seem to disappear.  After the use of it by
Mom's Pit Crew, I made a video of it.  The pictures of the
event were taken at the
2007 Gage County Relay For Life event.  The video even seems to be a hit, as a couple of sites use it on
their own pages.

I'm still learning how to make videos and apologize for the "stuttering" at the beginning of this video.  All I can say is it's an
educational process.  Make it past the first 10-15 seconds and the rest is fine.
The 1980s...

Was the theme at a recent Relay For Life Event...
this is a poem I wrote for it...

the 1980s... the Beatles had gone away
replaced by ZZ Top, Billy Joel,  Bruce Springsteen
it was new music for a new day

hippies and flower children were no more
bell bottoms were replaced with parachute pants
and yuppies ruled the dance floor

records were replaced by CD's
and we listened to scratch free music
with the cool spring breeze

Betamax and VHS fought the VCR war
we no longer had to go to the theater
our favorite movies were at the video store

Madonna and The A-Team with Mr. T
jelly shoes, neon clothes, and leg warmers
hard to believe we can still see

But the 80s were more than our evolution
there was a man... a doctor
who started a revolution

he took that first step on a track
he did it alone... for 24 hours
his message... we will attack

Dr. Gordy Klatt walked and ran
a symbolic gesture saying
we will eliminate cancer in every child, woman and man

to never forget those we have lost
they fought a strong battle
and they paid the ultimate cost

to celebrate those who walk tonight
to admire and honor them
for their strength with this fight

all alone Dr. Klatt walked
he raised money
and people began to talk

by year two... teams were formed
220 people joined the doctor
and the Relay For Life was born

it continued to grow and expand
and in no time at all
The Relay For Life crossed our great land

tonight we'll have some fun
we'll share stories, sing some songs,
walk and wait for the rising sun

and the sun will provide us
with a vision we want to see
a world... living cancer free!
Creating Dreams...
Emotional Scars used in University essay...

The poem Emotional Scars was used in 2016, as part of a Cardiff University essay.  
The use of images of war in the fight against cancer was the drawing card for this
Emotional Scars is also part of the Purple Power CD.
Prayer to
St. Peregrine
for one suffering
from cancer
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Celebrating Life - cancer news
Damaged Merchandise and the chapter entitled Illness...

The first book written by Dave Harm entitled Damaged Merchandise,
has a chapter in it entitled Illness.  This chapter speaks about
cancer, through poems and stories.

Damaged Merchandise is now an audio book and that chapter is part
of this book.  The video on the right has a segment about that
chapter, it starts at the 2 minute mark of the video.

Now you don't need to purchase the whole book, the book is also
sold as chapters.  
Click here for more information.
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