A Penny Saved
A Penny Saved...

Those little pennies can add up. It has always made me wonder about the way people treat a common penny. I
always seem to spot those pennies on the ground. People will drop them and won't take the time to bend down
and pick it up. I bet in the last two or three years, I have picked up a couple hundred pennies. That's right, maybe
$2 or $3 worth.

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No Conditions On God's Love...

God does for me what I can do for myself. I hate that saying. Before I go any further, let me say that my Higher Power saved my life
and is my best friend. I hate that saying because it puts conditions on God's love.

I have heard it said to easily and without much thought. An example, if God gets a person sober, does that mean God also gets a
person drunk or has them slip? Of course not.

Does God provide some people with security and leave others out in the cold? Again, of course not.

More thoughts about
God's Love and finances....
I got to a point where I was tired of working for money... instead I wanted money to work for me.  This page is dedicated to that
purpose.  We can all live a life of financial freedom if we live within our means... which means little credit and livng with the money we

We cut our expenses and realize all we ever need, is all we ever want.
Creating Dreams...
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The 12 Promises of Debtors Anonymous

1.  Where once we felt despair, we will experience a newfound hope.                                                               poem               article

2.  Clarity will replace vagueness. Confidence and intuition will replace confusion and chaos.
We will live engaged lives, make decisions that best meet our needs,
and become the people we were meant to be.                                                                                                   
poem               article

3.  We will live within our means, yet our means will not define us.                                                                     poem               article

4.  We will begin to live a prosperous life, unencumbered by fear, worry, resentment or debt.                           poem               article

5.  We will realize that we are enough; we will value ourselves and our contributions.                                        poem               article

6.  Isolation will give way to fellowship; faith will replace fear.                                                                              poem               article

7.  We will recognize that there is enough; our resources will be generous
and we will share them with others and with DA.                                                                                                 
poem               article

8.  We will cease to compare ourselves to others; jealousy and envy will fade.                                                  poem               article

9.  Acceptance and Gratitude will replace regret, self pity and longing.                                                              poem               article

10.  We will no longer fear the truth; we will move from hiding in denial to living in reality.                                  poem               article

11.  Honesty will guide our actions towards a rich life filled with meaning and purpose.

12.  We will recognize a Power Greater than ourselves as the source of our abundance.
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