A new page...

2014 brings about a new page for Creating Dreams.  The page, finances, will give a personal
perspective about money issues.  I have had more then my problems with money.  Yet in 2010 I made
some chances and have been debt free since 2012.  $65,000 in debt was paid off and a new life began.
Top rated Blog
Ranked Number 2...

In August of 2012 another honor was given to the Dreaming with Dave blog. The resource center called
Addiction Blogs, has Dreaming with Dave list as the second rated blog on addiction.
ESH at Doane College
The Power of Powerlessness...

On July 16, 2012, I was in Lincoln, Nebraska on the Doane College Campus as a guest at the
addictions/psychology class.  Part of the discussion will be about my poem
I Was Powerless.  The poem
though won't be read, it will instead be watched.  The video is
The CD - 12
The Dream Comes True...

Sobriety has brought to me many dreams... some of those dreams I have had the fortune to see
become reality.  First there were the books, then a newspaper column, speaking, and traveling were just
a few.  The latest dream has been the "oldest" dream... one that I began to wonder if it would ever
become a reality.

That dream was seeing my poetry become songs.  In May of 2012, the words of poems became the
lyrics for songs.  
12 is a musical CD on the poetry of the 12 Steps and 12 Promises of AA.  The amazing
part of this dream was my fortune of finding true professionals who took this challenge on.  Recorded in
its entirety in Manchester, England.  
Click here to read more about 12 and listen to some of the songs.
2011 a year of exploring...

What a year.  I started it in England celebrating the New Year in a nice quiet spiritual setting.  When I got back to the States, I was
contacted by groups in Jamaica and South Africa asking for permission to use my cancer poems for their cancer fund raising
events.  A major fund-raiser was held in Maryland with
Purple Power as its main source of income.

In September I was the keynote speaker at a
recovery event in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  Upon my return I got involved with the
practice of NLP and became a
Certified NLP Master Practitioner in November.  And a major conference was held in Melbourne,
Australia at the end of November on the
12 Promises of AA.  The major text used for this conference were my articles on the

And as December settled I ended my year where it began... in England.
2009 Blog award from Nurse Practitioners...

They complied a list of the Top 100 Best Overcoming Addiction Blogs and Dreaming with Dave was included.  This is what the site
had to say, "This is a blog that has tons of information! The author of Naked Daze with Dave has authored several books on
addiction and recovery, and his blog provides an outlet for his day-to-day musings."  Now with a new look and easier navigation
Dreaming with Dave has a little bit of everything for everybody.  Stop on by and have a look.
Another Award For Dreaming With Dave...

On November 22, 2010 I received the award on the left from the website on-line counseling degrees.  Lauren Wilson said,
"Congratulations! Lauren here, and your blog, Dreaming With Dave, is an essential part of our resources!

As a website dedicated to help those considering a career in counseling, we only provide the best information available.  
Whether it's a resource that explores the how to counsel an alcohol abuse patient, or provides insight on depression, we
provide them for those seeking to obtain this information.  This is why we've featured your blog, as it is one of the best to teach
our readers."

After accepting the award from Lauren I was also told, "Your site is amazing. We hope you'll find this award as motivation to
persevere in your blog.  All in all, we thank and appreciate you for writing great content and hope you'll continue to do so."
Below is the write up that appeared in
the SAMHSA publications for the
National Alcohol and Drug Addiction
Recovery Month
in 2006.
Profile in Samhsa
Inspiration Award
Sharing my Story...

On May 18, 2010, I was recognized for having an
inspiring story of recovery.  And because of that I
received the award on the right.  Click on the award to
read the criteria for receiving this honor.
This is what the e-mail said about this honor.  "This award was created for
people we feel have an inspiring story of recovery, whether physically or
emotionally. After reviewing your website and reading your inspirational story of
recovery, we feel your story instills a feeling of hope in us all. Therefore, we
want to recognize your story so that others may also feel inspired and hopeful in
their own recovery."

It is a joy to be recognized for my humble attempt of spreading the word of
recovery.  But this award speaks so much of what I believe... we can never
forget our hopes and dreams... yes we need to live in reality... but never forget
your dreams.
Dreaming With Dave is blog of the month...

November of 2009 was a ground breaking month for my still relatively new blog -
Dreaming with Dave.

It was honored as site of the month at the Sober Blogs Directory.  Click the
banner to view the directory and click the links to the blog found in the left hand
corner of every page on this site.

I'm still not a very consistent blogger but I'm learning and it's great to be
recognized for it.
Sober Blogs Web Directory
Creating Dreams named a Top Recovery Site...

This website has received a Top Rated Recovery Site ranking from the website 12Step.org  The Creating Dreams website is one of
twenty sites to have this honor with a five star ranking.  I am humbled and honored to receive this recognition.
Cherokee warrior
A new name...

On August 4, 2009, I was adopted into the Wolf Clan of The Cherokee Nation.  My life in recovery began
when I found a Higher Power of my understanding.  That understanding led me to Native American
spirituality.  I found a lot of comfort with their ways.  The ultimate goal was to be accepted by the Natives.  And
it became a reality, with the birth of "Messenger."  
Click here to learn more.
Expert Status...

At the end of 2008  I was given an Expert Status recognition from the website Self-Growth.  I received this
status because of my writing abilities and the value of my experience, strength, and hope which I share
through my stories, poems, and articles.
2010 is the year of lounging...

A change of lifestyle and a change of priorities will lead to a more relaxed way to live life.  It's time to
lounge.  This will be a blog series
click here to read along...
Letterhead logo created...

It's amazing the friendships that can develop with having a website.  Someday, I need to sit down and
write a story about it for my
ramblings page.

But today, I'd like to introduce you to Todd, the owner of Milagro Website Design.  Todd and I have
chatted numerous times in the last couple of years and I've come to really appreciate his creative

I recently asked Todd for some help in creating a letterhead type logo.  I told him what I wanted and not
only did he bring my dream to life, but he improved upon it.
Moes Haven
The poem A Thousand Times is now a song...

My dream of changing 10-12 poems into songs was started when the band Moes Haven converted my
A Thousand Times  into a song.  If you would like to hear the song and see the video, it is at the
bottom of the poem, click on the link to listen to the tune and see a video I made for my ex-wife for
Mother's Day.  Or it can also be found with a link on my
home page. Or if you'd like to help with this
project please
e-mail me.
dave harm t-shirt
Creating Dreams T-Shirt Line...

The website Serenity Happens has followed this website since its early stages. Over a period of time,
I've gotten to know the sites administrator.  And we have developed a good friendship.  He has
surprised me more than once with unique ideas for my own PR campaign.  Recently, he informed me
that his AA/NA gift store was going to start marketing a line of shirts, with my name and this sites name
on them.  They are available in woman's and men's tee-shirts as well as the one pictured.  Click on the
picture to go to their site and to place your order.  I was also informed that another logo for another
line of shirts is in the works! For the record, I did not commission this shirt or the design to be
produced.  I will not receive any commissions on any of its sales.  I just think it is pretty awesome that
someone believes enough in my message to put my name on a tee-shirt.  It's true serenity does
I'm tired photo
Not on a "pity-pot," nor ranting or venting... I'm just tired...

This is what I wrote to introduce my poem I'm Tired.  This psychological poem has found homes on
as well as MySpace profiles.  It was written when I was at an extremely low energy level.  Both mentally
and physically.  

It has surprised me though how many people have been able to relate to the meaning of this verse.

One of the latest uses has been with the picture to the right.  Click on the picture and see how the two
together form perfect harmony.  Than read the reviews about the picture and the poem.

If you'd like to view the video it is on the
recovery page and the music video can be seen here.
The goal is thriving... for the poem Surviving...

In 2009, an inner city school in Mississippi used the poem Surviving for a reading class.  The students read a novel about a
depressed young
man who runs away, searching for his father.  The teacher will then make a comparison between the poem and the story.

Time will tell, but this may not be a one time deal.  Future lesson plans may include other stories or poems of mine.
National Nursing Home Week...

Was observed the week of May 11, 2008.  I had the honor of giving a presentation at the Gardenside Nursing Home in Fairbury,
NE on May 12.
I shared my love of poetry and my story with the staff and residents of Gardenside and read poems from my book
the Purple Power CD, as well as some poems that are only found on the web.
Self Growth Expert
Emotional Scars used in University essay...

The poem Emotional Scars was used in 2016, as part of a Cardiff University essay.  The use of images of war in the fight against
cancer was the drawing card for this poem.  
Emotional Scars is also part of the Purple Power CD.
Creating Dreams...
Celebrating Life
Celebrating Life has a new life...

The sister site of Creating Dreams had a face lift to start 2017.  It now will serve as a reference point for Creating
It will hold past press releases and newspaper articles.  It will be home to cancer poetry and will house
the sitemap for all the videos that have been made.  Stop by
Celebrating Life today.
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Damaged Mewrchandise Audio Book
New Life for Damaged Merchandise...

The book that started everything, from this website, to Celebrating Life, to Dreaming With Dave, along with two
other books, as well as two musical CD's is the latest creation in the
Creating Dreams inventory.  Damaged
Merchandise has been revised and updated as an audio-book.  Along with this update a new cover has also
been developed.  Besides Dave Harm doing the reading, in the background is soft Native American music,
using their flute, also performed by Dave Harm.  More plans are in the works, as a second edition gets closer to
becoming a reality.
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14 Years
Celebrating Life - cancer news
Cancer Poetry at 2018 Relay For Life events...

Strength Came From God Above was used in York, Nebraska, while Relay For Survivors was used in Douglas
County, Oregon.  Both poems can be read
here.  Both of them are also on the Purple Power CD.