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More pages with poetry
poem of the month     poems     dysfunctional poems
Going through some old files I found a bunch of haiku poems I had written between 2005 through
2007.  After reading them I decided to bring them out of retirement.

There are many different ways of writing haiku poetry.  I chose the
5-7-5 method.  So every poem
is three lines long, the first line has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and finally
the third line is back to five syllables.  And that is the poem.  The way I wrote them was stacking a
bunch of similar poems together to create one long poem of many little haiku's.
Came To Believe Haiku's

I was seen exposed
with every deformity
but You saw beauty

blinking more then eyes
manipulation and bluffs
no defense was left

I surrendered all
everything was visible
I still see nothing

live in fantasies
living a life together
a life built on dreams

want to still see more
ready to show it in glory
please don’t turn away

is it nirvana
or maybe utopia
does Heaven await
Secret Haiku's

so much energy
never knowing  what to say
feelings never exist

what is the secret
juggling the memories
that controlled a life

secrets weren’t mine
thrown away wanting to feel
emotions erupt

feeling all the shame
unjustly given to me
letting go today

you can have it all
I won’t build a false idol
the truth is the truth

talking earlier
could’ve prevented the pain
its OK to cry
Taken For Granted Haiku's

I know I am stressed
until you walk in my shoes
don’t be quick to judge

I am not angry
worry about the future
most times all alone

have no energy
distractions just irritate
alone with worries

money can’t be free
sweating till the next payday
no one notices

relying on me
ignoring my existence
alone… what a dream

I just want to cry
but respect still wouldn’t come
something you can’t give
Haiku Dysfunctional Poetry

Three simple little words
Very little meaning when said alone
But together… oh so powerful
Built upon…
Trust… honesty… respect
Kindred Spirits
“I love you”

We say the words with joy
We whisper them
We say them when we laugh
And even when we cry
I can’t help but wonder how others
Express their love

Like Scooby Doo
Getting his Scooby snack
Can’t you just hear him
“I Woof Wou”

What about a penguin?
How would he say it?
As he wattles across the ice
Looking for his mate
One short step after another
Then he sees her
“I Boing You.”

A young lady
Hugging her teddy bear
How does he let her know
He loves her?
With a little giggle
In her mind she hears
“I love you.”

Through the woof
And the boing
And the silent message
The love is returned
A bond is formed
And now the one who loved
Is loved….  
I Let Her See
No matter what our past is littered with or what our
regrets are, it is what lies within that can fill our hearts
and souls with love, peace, and serenity...
What Lies Within

seeing the beauty of what lies within
a wonderful gift... given freely
to create... a song
thoughts flowing freely
in a dream like state
visualizing every image

deep in the soul are the words
that make a poem come alive
expressions flow freely
the pen scribbles thoughts
thoughts from dreams
dreams from another world

a world that is seen only by one
visions of love and empathy
thoughts that could never be spoken
fantasies of peace and serenity
that others couldn't comprehend
yet... it didn't matter

in song or in verse
the illusions came alive
the soul was shown
to all that listened
with the fantasy
that someday...
the illusion would be reality
Creating Dreams...
Tribute poems
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