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More pages with poetry
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Swallowed Alive
I've been doing some reflections on my past and it just amazes me how much fun I thought I was
having.  It was carefree and at times pretty harmless... but everyday I played these harmless
games a little bit more of me was swallowed alive.

The path of recovery is littered with folks that lost their battles to alcoholism and addiction.  From
high school car crashes to overdosing rock and roll stars... we all know someone who lost the

Which makes me grateful for a second chance... as well as humbled wondering why I'm not in the
Swallowed Alive

I was helpless... I was powerless
I was sad... I was alone
I was out on my own

Alcohol and drugs
relieved the pain
thought I was at peace
really quite insane

Homeless... sleeping under bridges
eating from dumpsters...
stealing to stay alive
sometimes wondered
if it'd be easier just to die

a line of coke
and a can of beer
for awhile it made the pain disappear
No will to fight... no end in sight
might as well held a gun to my head
this ain't life... better off dead

Everyday... the same story replayed
but the finale always stayed
story lines and people may have changed
drunk every night... with suicidal thoughts
an end to the nightmare is all I sought

That was the past
the memories though... I hope last
that's right... I don't want to forget
stay in my mind... firmly set
no way I want history to repeat
can't feel comfortable relaxing in a seat
Some thought provoking haiku's about dysfunctional patterns in our lives.

There are many different ways of writing haiku poetry.  I chose the
5-7-5 method.  So every poem is three lines long, the first line
has five syllables, the second line has seven syllables and finally the third line is back to five syllables.  And that is the poem.  The
way I wrote them was stacking a bunch of similar poems together to create one long poem of many little haiku's.  
Click here to view
more haiku's.
Addiction Haiku's

just another beer
fulfilling a prophecy
remorse, guilt and shame

hundreds in a room
yet alone needing a fix
now isolated

zapping energy
relationships all but gone
morals are extinct

using not just drugs
but people enter the storm
taking all the time

no matter the life
purpose fulfilled with the drug
a hell of ones own

for having good times
no worries with destruction
life is death and hell
Worshipping Haiku's

stand in the corner
watching a life self-destruct
nothing I could do

power was evil
she used her mind and body
to stay in control

I knew it was wrong
but I couldn't break away
help! no end in sight

no longer was I
I was consumed to be you
you lived while I died

so used and abused
no tomorrows cast aside
"love" shared by many

control finally left
saw you for what you became
it was my nightmare

you live in the nude
loving exhibitionist
blinding so many
Codependency Haiku's

so down and depressed
quit asking me to fix you
not in my power

they’re not my feelings
your responsibility
please take ownership

I can't fix myself
while I'm trying to fix you
only have one choice

when did your actions
make me feel responsible
for consequences

no apology
if I may share my feelings
they're not right or wrong

If I speak the truth
and you can not accept it
it's not my problem

sometimes I can't see
my own dreams through your
my life lost in yours

keeping your secrets
denial than depression
wanting my life back
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