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last updated on 10 June 2017
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13 Years

For the last decade of my life in America, I heard more and more rumblings about term limits.  Guess what?  This system in
England has term limits.  It is in place by the vote.  Yes, America can say they have the same system.  This is not true.  When an
incumbent can raise millions of dollars for their campaign it doesn’t make for a level playing field.

This recent election saw three former heads of their political parties defeated.  Alex Salmond, former first minister of Scotland is
gone.  Angus Robertson, present head of the Scottish National Party in the House of Commons is gone.  Nick Clegg, former head
of the Liberal Democrats and former Deputy Prime Minister is gone.  Along with those three eight present cabinet members were
defeated.  Unlike America, where the President chooses his cabinet from anybody he wants, the Prime Minister of England,
chooses their cabinet from elected members of Parliament.
How did this happen?  The simple answer is the vote.  But why now and not sooner?  This time the youth came out to vote.  In
America, the youth can decide an election.  It did for Barack Obama and in reality, it had the same effect with a different result for
Hillary Clinton.  In England, the youth just don’t seem to understand that their vote counts.

When Brexit happened they stayed home and regretted it.  This election, they had a voice they could related too in Jeremy
Corbyn.  They came out and voted and though the Labour Party of Corbyn’s didn’t win the election by votes, they did win the
election by denying the ruling Tory Party the ultimate power that they craved.

The youth have a lot to be proud of, they have changed the course of British politics and they seem genuinely enthused to vote
again.  I stand for them and cheer.  After all it is their nation.  It is their future and they have let their voice be heard in the
constructive manner of voting.

Brexit was the start of a non-violent revolution.  This election has been the next step in that revolution.  This revolution will start with
the youngsters.  Then it will grow with people in the 30s to 40s range.  

Those who vote have all the power.  And with that power comes responsibility.  The main responsibility is to keep voting and even
run for office.  Those who don’t vote?  Don’t bitch or complain, you did nothing to change things.  And most importantly keep your
opinions to yourself, if you can’t find the time to vote, than shut up!  

Your fathers and fore-fathers fought for your right to vote.  You should be ashamed of yourself for not voting.  This election proved
that every vote counts.  Can’t wait to see what the future holds with upcoming elections.  It is an exciting time to be living in the
United Kingdom...
Alex Salmond
Angus Robertson
Nick Clegg
Alex Salmond
Angus Robertson
Nick Clegg
Rob Wilson
Culture Minister
Edward Timpson
Children & Families
Nicola Blackwood
Public Health & Innovation
Members of the cabinet who were "term limited"
Gavin Barwell
Simon Kirby
Economic Sec to
Ben Gummer
Manifesto Author
Jane Ellison
James Wharton
The Flags of the UK
I try to keep this site free from political and religious views.  The idea was
never about having a site that shared my views about these topics.  As they
preach in 12 Step rooms “principles before personalities.”  With that said, I
am making an exception because of the recent snap election in the United

Politics in the UK are so refreshing compared to the American political
system.  Candidates as well as incumbents are set by strict rules, as to the
amount of time you can campaign and to the amount of money you can
spend.  Campaigns are not determined by lobbyists but instead by people.  
The people who vote.  How refreshing is that?