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Last Updated 4 June 2018
A guest contributor this month.  His name is Harry.  A not so little two year old tom cat
that recently took up residence in our home.  He was an abandoned cat who lived in a
cattery for half a year.  

At times, Harry can be temperamental, while at others he can act like a six week old

For many people wanting a cat, Harry wouldn't be the best choice.  He is a challenge.  
But for my wife and I, he's a beautiful innocent child who just needed a chance...

Anyway, Ladies and Gentleman, I am proud to introduce Harry...

Hi Everybody!  Recently, my mum and dad asked me to share my story with you.  I never spent much time thinking about my story.  
I couldn’t take the time to dwell on it because if I did I’d probably be dead.

You see, just having a mum and dad is a new experience for me.  I barely remember having one when I was just a little kitty, but for
some reason they didn’t like me.  They moved away and left me behind.  I no longer had a roof over my head or a steady meal in
my tummy.  I was scared and lonely.  When a new family moved into my old home I was excited, thinking they would take care of
me.  Instead they yelled at me, threw water at me, and even threw sticks and stones at me.

I didn’t know what to do, so I went to the neighbours house.  They were always nice to me.  But now that I was on my own they
wanted nothing to do with me.  I kept wandering around looking for a friend and found none.  Even the other cats hated me.  I
learned how to fight, both cats and humans, and lived on scraps of food I found on the ground or in bins.

At times, it seems like yesterday, while at other times, I can’t believe it ever happened.  I was always hungry and that is what saved
my life.  I found a full plate of food just waiting for me.  It was on a pretty plate in this metal contraption.  I walked in, sat down and
started eating.  It was so good and so fresh.  Then all of a sudden the walls collapsed and I was trapped.  It was a metal cage that
trapped me.  A lady came and picked up the cage.  I tried so hard to escape but I could not get out.

She placed me in a car and we went for a ride.  The whole time I hissed and growled.  I wanted to be free.  I ended up in a building
with other cats, each one of us had our own pen.  This would become my home.  For the first time in many months I had a warm
bed to sleep on.  A roof over me that kept me dry and warm.  And everyday I was given fresh water as well as food.  As good as it
was, it still wasn’t a home.

After everything that happened to me I still didn’t trust these humans.  And while I had a comfortable existence if I had the chance I
would escape and run away.  I was there for six months and I watched other cats come and go.  Everyone seemed to be getting
new mums and dads, everyone except me.  Truth be told, I had no idea how to act with a mummy and daddy.  I’m not even sure if I
know how to purr.

These humans would stand by my pen.  They would look at me and they wondered how they could help me find a home.  It was so
frustrating.  Some people would come and look at me, then they would decide on another cat to take home with them.  The walls
seem to be shrinking in on me and it made me angry.  I hissed at just about everybody and I hated to be touched.  I didn’t want
anyone to know how lonely I really was… so I acted tough while they were around and cried myself to sleep every night.

I was giving up hope of ever finding a home, when on a Saturday morning, a couple came and spent some time with me.  They
didn’t look at any other cats… just me!  Our eyes met and I wondered if these people could become my mummy and daddy.  They
didn’t take me home that day, yet I sensed that I would be seeing them again real soon.

Three days later, two ladies from Cat Protection came and got me.  They put me in a car, with my favourite blanket, and we went
for a ride.  We drove for a good 20 minutes.  When we got to this house, they carried me inside and let me out of the cage.  I
walked out onto carpet!  It had been close to a year since I put my paws on carpet!  It felt so nice.  I looked around and got scared
with how big everything looked.  Kneeling next to me, was the lady I saw the other day.  She was my new mummy!  Later that day,
the other familiar face came home and he was introduced as my daddy.  They also told me that my name was no longer Brucie,
that they named me Harry.  Mummy said it was because I was her little Prince.

Those first couple of days, I did a lot of hiding.  I was scared that they would regret taking me, so I hid thinking that if they couldn’t
find me than I could stay.  I started to realize that this was no way to live, so I started to venture out and to explore my new home.

I quickly noticed that I had three huge windows to look out and see the world.  And the best part?  We’re on the second floor, so I
do feel like a Prince, looking down at my subjects!  Out of one window, I can see a pen filled with chickens.  Have I mentioned that I
love chicken?  I better behave myself though, I don’t want to try to explain how I got a feather in my mouth!  Out of another window,
I can see the canal and watch boats go up and down the stream.  I can see people walking by it and also a few cats wandering
around.  Mummy says those kittys are OK and they live next door.  I am glad she told me that, I don’t ever want another cat to live
the way I did.

Finally, on the other side of the house is the window that I can see the road and watch cars driving around.  And just below the
window?  A goldfish pond!  Did I mention that I like fish too?  I won’t do that to daddy.  Those are his fish, so I’ll leave them alone.  
Anyway, mummy and daddy feed me fish and chicken and loads of other good things.  

I love my new family!  I’m still scared that they will get rid of me, so I’m still not to close to them as far as letting them pet me.  Yet, I
do little things that make me feel like I’m part of the family.  When mummy is sleeping, I’ll sneak on the bed and sleep with her.  
When daddy is eating his lunch, I’ll be on the other side of the table and I’ll watch him eat.  He’ll let me join him by giving me two or
three dreamies and we’ll share a meal together.  At nights, when they are watching TV, I’ll come in and play with my toys.

Deep down, I know I’ll be with these two for the rest of my life, yet I’m still a little scared that I’ll lose it all.  Right now though my
dreams are for us to become closer.  I can see myself, laying on the settee with the both of them.  Watching TV together.  Feeling
them petting me and me purring.  Yes!  Me purring!  When it happens you’ll hear it all over England!