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A Simple Prescription
National Recovery Month in Hot Springs, Arkansas

September 2011 I was honored to be the keynote speaker at the recovery event held in Hot Springs, sponsored by Quapaw House.

I spoke for a half hour, comparing my two sobrieties and why I slipped.  I made a short video about my share entitled
Thoughts On
The Freedom Seekers Group is formed...

A Creating Dreams outreach program was formed on July 27,2008.  It's purpose is to share the experience, strength, and hope of
those in recovery, with those incarcerated.  Three or four people in various stages of recovery will be holding a weekly AA meeting
in the Jefferson County Jail in Fairbury, Nebraska on Sunday's at 2 PM.  
Two recovery poems featured in the state of Washington during National Recovery Month...

Sherry Greenup is a substance abuse coordinator for Asotin County.  Asotin County is a tiny county in the southeast corner of the
State of Washington.  She has been putting together a proclamation that she hopes the county commissioners will sign to
announce September as National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month.  She has asked for and been given permission to
use my poems
Generations and Lets Get Honest in her press releases and publicity packages.
United States National Recovery Month...

In late 2004, I stumbled upon the governments website for recovery.  I decided to submit my story.  In the summer of 2005 I was
asked if I'd like to be included in the 2006 National Recovery Month kit.  Later that year, I received an e-mail from Kristin Engdahl,
an editor for this project saying that "Right now we are planning to run your story in two places within the recovery month kit, since
it was such a compelling story and could have a great impact."  These stories along with many others were found in the personal
stories section, as well as a section about addiction in our military ranks.
Clean and Sober Recovery Hero...

Recovery author and guru, John Bradshaw once talked about being a "human being" instead
of a "human doing."  While New Age thoughts talk about the illusions of being a human.  
Never happy where we are in life.  Always having to get "there" and when it finally becomes
our "here" we realize that being "there" isn't much better then our old "here."

Clean And Sober Not Dead gave me their Recovery Hero award in February 2007.  Click
here to read what they had to say.  After I received this honor, I wrote the poem "To Be" is
Here and There.  
Click on the thumbnail to the right to read it.
the ppoem
Rock Solid Group of AA...

The Rock Solid Group of Alcoholics Anonymous is considered an
"inside" group because it is run within a correctional facility.  Some of my
writings from 2007 on the 12 steps have been used in their newsletters
and discussions.

I feel honored to be "studied" by this group.  Based in Lancaster, Ohio, I
pray that these people make the most of their second chances.  It is
truly a gift to be given a second chance, believe me I know.

All I can say is put your trust in your Higher Power.  By doing so, things
will change, they will improve.  Maybe not today, nor even tomorrow, but
they will change.

AA, as a group, is based on miracles.  They happen every day.  We just
need to keep believing in ourselves and God.
Creating Dreams...
24 Hours
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