Graduate high school from Northern Valley in Demarest, New Jersey.  Receive a scholarship to play football at Yankton College,
in Yankton, South Dakota.
Drop out of college, join the working world.
Quit the working world.  Support my partying habits by dealing drugs.  Mostly pot and LSD.
Do to an out of control lifestyle, I an end homeless and hitch-hike around the country.
End up in Alma, NE and rejoin the working world
After being "unhirable", losing two jobs in three years in Alma, I move to Seward, NE.
After failed suicide, quit drinking and doing drugs.  Original sobriety date was the first recognized holiday for Martin Luther King, jr.
Named to the Village Board of Trustees for the Village of Tamora, NE to fill out a term of a recalled member.
Elected to the Bishops Committee of St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Seward, NE.
After five and a half years of sobriety, my mind had me convinced that I wasn't an alcoholic, so I returned to drinking.
After destroying my family for a second time, I quit drinking on Labor Day weekend.  
Served an advisory role on the Board of Trustees for St. John's Lutheran Church in Seward, NE.  First time in my life I moved
after cleaning up all my messes.  Usually I ran before "shit hit the fan."  Leave Seward, NE and travel about 60 miles south to
Diller, NE
My first poem is published.  Scars That Never Heal was about how verbal abuse can be worse than physical abuse.  The poem
appeared in
Bob Stalder's Poet's Pen Column.
My wife, Betty, is diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer.  Start writing poems about cancer.
Hold my first fund-raising event and raise over $1,400 for The American Cancer Society.  Write the poem Day One, which
becomes my "calling card."
Nominated for inclusion into the Marquis Who's Who In America.  My first book, Damaged Merchandise, is published.
My name gets listed on the Nebraska Center For The Writers website.  The love poem, A Thousand Times, is turned into a
song.  My story is listed on government website for
voices in recovery.  Start a weekly poetry column, The Poets Quill, which
appears every Tuesday in
The Beatrice Daily-Sun (NE).  My second book, War Zone, which is the prequel to Damaged
is published.  The poem Men (And Women) of Closter is part of the Veterans Day program at Closter, New Jersey).  
At the
Spiritual Sisters website, my article Only A Step-Dad is the featured article for Father's Day.
My story from 2005 on the government's voices in recovery program is expanded.  The story becomes featured for SAMSHA'S
National Recovery Month
and is shown on their website, pamphlets, brochures, and other informational material.  I become
included into the
Prestige International Who's Who Registry for Outstanding Professionals.  Shortly after this honor was named a
United States Poetry Ambassador.  
Red Willow County in Nebraska features my poem Day One in a Relay For Life tabloid entitled
HOPE.  A mini-bio about my life and work is shown on the cover.  The poems Generations and Let's Get Honest announce
Recovery Month for Asotin County, in the State of Washington.  The poem,
Scrambled Eggs, wins the Editor's Choice Award.
Relay For Survivors is used in a fund-raising book for the Cilo, Michigan Relay For Life event.  Named a Recovery Hero by the
Clean And Sober Not Dead.  A tee-shirt line is started by the website Serenity Happens, featuring this website.  The
musical CD,
Purple Power, created for cancer survivors is released.  My Seventh Step article on AA makes the cover of the First
Things First Newsletter
from the Rock Solid Group of AA in Ohio.
Two videos created from Purple Power are shown on the American Cancer website  The Purple Power CD used
in the luminary ceremony for the Deerborn and Ohio Counties Relay For Life event in Indiana.  Using the poems
Struggles, Our
and Relay For Survivors as a backdrop, I'm the featured speaker at a survivor social event in Washington County,
Kansas.  The poem
Relay For Survivors is used to decorate luminaries in Victorville, California.  A Stage IV ovarian cancer
survivor uses my poem
Celebrate, Remember and Fight Back to kick-off the Relay in Denison, Texas.  I help kick-off National
Nursing Home Week
by having an afternoon of poetry for the residents and staff at the Gardenside Nursing Home in Fairbury,
Nebraska.  The
Freedom Seekers Group is formed.  The poem Surviving used in an inner-city school in Mississippi.  Recognized
as an expert by the
Self Growth website.
The book, Creating Dreams, from the nightmares of hell is accepted for publication and by the end of the year it is published.    
Recognized as an expert by the
E-Zine website.  The Miracles in Progress message boards make me a moderator at the Adult
Children  of Alcoholics
1987- 89
1989 - 91
1994 - 96
Quit living in desperation and separate from my wife.  In August start a Creating Dreams Facebook page and also join Twitter. In
November my blog,
Naked Daze With Dave is given the Alcohol Abuse Top Site Award from Online Counseling Degrees.  
Christmas 2010 is spent in England.
New Years Eve in England means a fireworks show and I start the new year in Europe.  Naked Daze receives recognition for
being a top 100 recovery blog from three different places.  In August I pass certification to become an NLP Practitioner.  In
September, was the keynote speaker in Hot Springs, Arkansas for their recovery walk & rally. On November 8th I become a
certified NLP Master Practitioner. Cancer poems are read at events in South Africa and Jamaica.  Articles on the 12 Promises of
AA are used at a conference in Melbourne, Australia
I end the year where I began it... in England.  A collaboration with a couple of other folks makes a dream become a reality with the
creation of
12.  Snowdrop becomes a guest blogger at Naked Daze.  Speak at the Lincoln Campus of Doane College about
ACOA and CODA issues.  Become a certified hypnotist.
Visit London and travel The River Thames.  Work begins on a fourth book.
Visit the North Sea and the East Coast of England, get there from Manchester, England on a prop plane and came back in a high
speed train.
9/4 celebrate 20 years of sobriety.  9/15 have surgery on my heart.  Artificial aortic valve is installed. Two weeks later, two feet of
my colon is removed, then ten days after that two litres of fluid is removed from my heart.  Return to work, part time by the 1st of
December then on the 14th go to England.
In January return to 40 hour work weeks.  September 3rd, I get married.  Apply for a visa to move to England.
New Years Day, I arrive at Manchester Airport in England with a spouse visa, enabling me to live and work in the UK. Finish the
year in
The Christie (cancer centre) after being diagnosed with tonsil cancer.
Creating Dreams by celebrating
Start the year by finishing treatment from tonsil cancer.  Receive notice from the UK Government that I have been granted a
security licence by the SIA.  The on-line store for
Creating Dreams opens up its non-profit store in England. Receive new visa to
live and work in the UK for another two and a half years.
over 40 years of growth and change
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