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12 Steps Are Stronger Than Covid

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2020 Done… But Not Gone

2020 has finally ended, yet the memories of it will become a new reality in 2021. When you look back at all the facts and figures of Covid-19, and what appears to be low percentages of the total population, a couple of aspects can’t be figured in.

How many people do you know that lost a loved one? A child? A spouse? A friend? So maybe less than 10% of the population died, does that matter to the person who is grieving? Does it hurt any less that wearing a mask has become a national debate? Does it help to know that a vaccine is now here to the husband who goes to bed alone?

Covid became 2020 and it will be a part of 2021. That is a reality. How we behave while it is part of our lives is up to us. It should always be remembered that what comes out of our mouths can be extremely painful to someone who has buried their partner.

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