Double Standards

I have had this JPEG for a couple of months and find it very meaningful. If you look past a penis, breasts, and a vagina, it is thought-provoking. It speaks of a society filled with double standards as well as personal choices. It is why I saved this photo, in fact, it is my wallpaper on my laptop.

Let’s look at The Law of Choice which says that we have free-will and choice, we are never powerless, we can change our perception of people, places, and things.

If there is perfect freedom of choice, society wouldn’t have any double standards. The picture above is a perfect illustration of a double standard. The left side has a fit young lady announcing to her to date that she is a nudist. She’s comfortable and relaxed. Her date has a big smile thinking how lucky he is to have this lady as his date. He can stare and she won’t mind, she’s comfortable in her own skin.

On the right is a young man, doing the same thing to his date – telling her that he is a nudist. He too, is comfortable and relaxed. Yet, his date looks shocked, revolted, and maybe even fearful.

Both of the nude figures are sharing their lifestyle with their dates. Trying to make a story from the illustration, I see that both couples just came back from a dinner date. The nudists got their dates a cup of coffee and told them they’d be right back. They go to their bedroom and take off their clothes. They emerge from the room with their proclamation that they are nudists, to the thrill/fear of their dates. Both look ready to return to their bedroom if asked to put something on. The reality for both of them is that it’s a lifestyle and has nothing to do with sex. Yet, their dates see it differently. The man on the left is excited by the thought of what may happen, while the woman on the right is scared of what all this means. Neither one has a look of just simple acceptance.

It is just a cartoon, yet it does show how easily our thoughts and imaginations can run wild. Now imagine if the two dressed people were swapped in the photos. So the nudist was showing themselves to someone of the same sex. My own double standard mind would say that the woman would be more accepting than the man. In fact, the naked man might end up with a black eye.

It is because of choice that we can understand or we can judge. It is because of choice that we can be accepting or we can be disgusted. In my life my own choices have covered the whole spectrum, from understanding and accepting, to total disgust and judgement.

My own personal experiences in life has taught me that there is more than just black and white. There is a large grey area. A nude person doesn’t mean they want to have sex. The same can be said that a chubby person is not necessarily lazy. Just because a person didn’t finish school doesn’t make them dumb. Just as a nude woman isn’t a prostitute, nor a naked man a paedophile.

No matter what you believe or how you may judge the people in this illustration, I do believe it is wrong for the nudists to just shock their dates like that. The subject could have been handled while they were out and about, where everyone was dressed and content with how things were going. Then when they were in a more private place there wouldn’t be any surprises. The nudist would have known in advance what their guest thought and their guest would have known what to expect.

It was through the choices made earlier in the evening that led to the reactions later on. I believe that my Higher Power gave me one and only one gift in this life of mine. That is the freedom of choice. My whole life has been made up of choices – both healthy choices and unhealthy ones. No choice was good or bad – just healthy and unhealthy.

The healthy ones taught me how to succeed and accept the beauty in myself and others. While the unhealthy ones gave me the experience to improve, repent, and try again. Now when you look at that picture again do you see more than just a couple of naked people?

Published by Dave Harm

Recovering alcoholic-addict. Author of 3 books and 2 CD's. NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Life Coach. Born in New Jersey, though I call Nebraska my American home. Moved to England in 2016 to prepare for my retirement.

One thought on “Double Standards

  1. Of course there is a double standard. Statistically speaking, men look at the world differently than women. Nothing to be done for that – it is so overwhelmingly true that it is beyond anyone’s ability to change it. All you can do is seek out the more open minded people who do not have a double standard.

    Both nudists committed the same error. In a gymnophobic society, you must *always* ask first. Even then, invalid assumptions will be made. My wife knew I was a nudist before there was an opportunity for her to see me nude. I knew how she’d react before it happened.


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