Just one name

Just one name can say a lot. To the philosophical like Socrates and Plato. To leaders in war like Churchill and Zelenskyy. To the pure evil like Hitler and Putin.

I realize at this time, it may not be the smartest idea I have come up with, yet I must make a couple of historical comparisons with what is going on in the Ukraine right now. I love history and I especially enjoy studying World War II.

I find the similarities between President Zelenskyy and Winston Churchill quite enlightening. They were given the opportunity to leave their country before the fighting intensified, yet both remained and were constantly seen and heard by their countrymen. Through the destruction of buildings and the war crimes committed against everyday citizens, they told the world that they would not surrender. They walked among patriots doing all they could to protect their homeland.

Putin, on the other hand, has done everything in his power to go back in time. I won’t give him the title of president or anything else,except maybe despot. As history is being written the name Putin will mean inhumanity and cruelty. No one will care if he was a leader of a country or even what his first name might have been. Putin will be said with disgust, like the names of Stalin and Hitler.

He’ll be remember as a commander whose generals were fearful of relaying the truth to him, just as those in command were fearful of Hitler. What is almost comical if it wasn’t so pathetic, is how Putin always is quick to share his perceived strength and knowledge because of his KGB background, yet when things aren’t going his way, he disappears from public view – much like Hitler.

This war, has also shown that he isn’t as intelligent as he believes. General Omar Bradley said, “Amateurs talk strategy. Professionals talk logistics.”

Putin believed that this war would be quick and easy. Now, over a month has passed and Russia is retreating. They can use whatever word they want but they are retreating. Why is such a powerful army retreating? The troops have no food, they have no oil, or petrol, or ammunition. The same mistake Hitler made when invading Russia. He too, thought it would be quick and easy. By winter, Hitler’s troops were cold and hungry and no longer in fit shape to fight.

The biggest blunder of all by Putin was believing the world would just stand by and let him do what he wants. What he did do was to unite NATO, when just a year earlier some were questioning whether it was still a needed commodity. And he united all of Europe and most western countries to impose sanctions on all trade with Russia.

Yet, on Russian TV, the belief is the problem stems from the United States. Like Goebbels protecting Hitler with propaganda, Russian TV lies to protect Putin. And like the Nazi state if you disagree with Putin, you just seem to disappear, be locked up, or poisoned. This also seems a lot like Hitler, doesn’t it?

Since I brought up Nazi’s, it is the reason Putin gave for starting this conflict. He wanted the denazification of the Ukraine. You know how ludicrous this has become? President Zelenskyy is Jewish and lost family members in the Holocaust.

The same Holocaust that killed people based on who they were. Citizens killed just because of who they were. Hospitals bombed to kill future generations.

Like Germany before them, Russia is no longer a military force, but rather they are an extermination force.

Published by Dave Harm

Recovering alcoholic-addict. Author of 3 books and 2 CD's. NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist, and Life Coach. Born in New Jersey, though I call Nebraska my American home. Moved to England in 2016 to prepare for my retirement.

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