Just one name

I find the similarities between President Zelenskyy and Winston Churchill quite enlightening. They were given the opportunity to leave their country before the fighting intensified, yet both remained and were constantly seen and heard by their countrymen. Through the destruction of buildings and the war crimes committed against everyday citizens, they told the world that they would not surrender. They walked among patriots doing all they could to protect their homeland.

Hidden Blessing: End of the Big 12

Living in Nebraska and not being a fan of the Cornhuskers was a challenge. This was in the mid 90’s till 2010. During the end of the 90’s Nebraska was THE team. Three national championships, which some would argue could have been four. While they were on top of the mountain, my beloved Cyclones were one of, if not, THE worst program in college football. Yet, I still loved them and still followed them enjoying their occasional upset.

Sci-fi or Reality?

Before I go to far into this writing, I need to put a disclaimer on it right away. I am not a person who believes in conspiracies, not do I claim to be a Democrat or a Republican. The thoughts I’m about to share, are just that – thoughts. They are not intended to beContinue reading “Sci-fi or Reality?”